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Sales and business people who have a well defined process together with clearly defined milestones along the customer journey, consistenly close 60% of all opportunities in the market. 
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4 Percent Club is $497 397/year

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Growing Your Business Need Not Be A Mystery

Without practical skills and proven repeatable processes, business growth will always be a problem.
Learn the business skills you won’t get at business school.  With our proven systems you will
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No more trial and error, Howard Olsen will take you by the hand and get you everything you need to become the competent, confident and effective professional you’re meant to be.  Learn at your pace, but on your own.   With live Q&A and Coaching calls, you’ll be supported all the way to success.

4 Percent Club is just $497 397/year

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Mastering sales isn’t hard. You just need a guide.  Get access to The 4 Percent Club and grow your business alongside your confidence.

4 Percent Club is just $497 397/year


Howard Olsen

Canada's Leading Sales, Leadership & Communications Strategist

As the Founder of High Output Sales Training, Howard Olsen is driven to equip, inspire and empower small to medium enterprises with purposeful vision and practical road maps they can easily learn and immediately apply to generate predictable revenue, friction-free, with truth, trust and integrity. 

Having closed more than $1 Billion in personal sales, to companies like HP, Motorola, Dell and Airbus, while leading global sales teams, Howard discovered he was just as good at coaching sales as he was at negotiating them! He has empowered tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and corporate sales teams to amplify their message, bolster their confidence, and solidify their Sales & Leadership results. 

Now, through The 4 Percent Club, Howard leverages his expertise as a Leading Sales Trainer, Master Communicator and Professional Speaker to help a wider audience of self-employed business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals equip themselves with the skills they need to shorten their sales cycles and raise their revenues through proven, natural, and repeatable communication processes – ultimately taking the stress out of making it happen!

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